4 Things to Know When Painting Your House

When you are getting ready for your exterior house painting, it can be easy to view it as a pretty straightforward process. However, there are a few things that you should probably know before you hire a team of painters or crack open a can of paint and go to work on the exterior of your house yourself. Unlike interior room painting, painting the exterior of a house will present some challenges that will require some very careful planning to get around.

1. Weather

One of the most important factors to consider when you are going to paint the exterior of your house is that not all paint brands will react the same when in high or low temperatures. You are in luck, though, as more and more products are being released that will do well when they applied in more extreme heat. Nevertheless, you will want to make sure to check on the recommendations for whatever paint brand you select in order to make sure you get the best paint job possible.

It is also best to avoid moisture at all costs. This means you do not want to start painting the exterior of your house when it is going to rain or there is humidity in the near future forecast. Obviously, exterior paint will need a lot of time to dry, so you must be absolutely mindful of your local weather patterns and choose a time of the year to paint that will be completely dry, but also not too cold or too hit.

2. Neighborhood restrictions

The next most important factor to take into consideration before you paint the exterior of your house is if you live within a homeowner association, because your homeowner association will have the absolute power to dictate the color of paint that you choose, as well as the quality of paint that you use. You might even have to go through a committee that will require you to submit a painting plan that will have to be approved by the homeowner association committee before you are allowed to proceed. The goal of these homeowner association regulations is to maintain high property values and to maintain a uniform appearance of all the houses throughout the community.

If you are not living within a homeowners association, then you are free to paint your house exterior however you want and you do not need to worry about this before you start painting.

3. The Boxing Paint Technique

Something that not everyone realizes is that even though paint manufacturers produce countless shades of varying colors, even different cans of the same color from the same brand might have some slight variations to them. Even though you might purchase the exact same color of paint from the same brand, you have to take into consideration the date of your purchase and where you might have purchased it from. Because a can of red paint from a manufacturer that is canned is March will be different from the same color of red from the same brand that is canned in April, because the manufacturers are working with different batches.

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In order to avoid this particular problem when purchasing your paints, and to make sure your paint job is all one shade of whatever color you end up picking, you are going to want to combine every can of paint that you intend on using on the exterior of your house into one large five or ten gallon bucket. That way you can mix together all the cans of paint, even the ones from different batches, into one uniform color that will stay the same from start to finish. Just make sure you mix it all together thoroughly.

4. Prep Your Landscaping

The final major point of consideration to realize before you start painting away at the exterior of your house is an obvious one. Painting is a messy, messy task. This means that you are going to want to make sure that any flowerbeds or bushes or garden decor is covered using plenty of drop clothes or tarps that you might have laying around before you begin the painting on your house’s exterior. You are going to want to add weights to the corners of the tarps or clothes, like rocks or bricks, to keep them in place in case of wind or other external factors that you cannot really plan for or control. Not to mention, you are also going to want to remove any kind of garden hoses, or patio furniture, or outdoor grills from the areas that you will be painting and store them somewhere until you are finished, because they are way too expensive to simply cover up with a tarp and paint away.

So there you have it. Whether you are contemplating painting the exterior of your house yourself, or simply hiring a professional team of painters to come in and do the job for you, you are going to want to take these four tips into consideration before you get your project underway, as they can interrupt and become huge roadblocks on your journey to get your exterior house painting done. A little bit of research and planning will go a long way in making sure that your house has the freshest, the cleanest, and the most beautiful paint job compared to all the other houses in the neighborhood.